Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What will you do with the BOX?

Dear you,

So today I feel like we need to have "the talk "

Don't worry we are not breaking up! I just have a nagging voice in the back of my head and I need to let it out. So hear me as I go.

Few days before while my friends and I were having lunch, my friend pointed out that I being a right handed was eating with my left hand. Later that day my mother asked me if I had hurt my right hand while we were dinning. Another friend of mine came to me and with perplexed face she claimed that to have never noticed that i was left handed. Not just confusing queries but few of them even made sure that they gave me a piece of their mind how I should stop with the pretence.

Well, I am for sure not a left handed. Also, I do not label my self as right handed. For most purpose in my daily routine and for almost all the time I do use my right hand. But I do use my left hand for various purpose occasionally. That day I just woke up with an hyper active left hand. That's all to it.

Not just about my preference in using my hands, people have scrutinised me many times for many different reasons.

But I believe or so would like to believe that I have never let it affect me in any ways. We live in a society where everything we do is some ways predetermined. Since we were little people have kept us inside a box of their choice. But the idea of a box itself for me seems unfathomable. And later forced us to THINK outside of it. (See,  how they still want us to be inside of it.)

You see, I believe you are who you want to be. No one  esle can describe you or know you as well as you do. You do not need to constantly be inside a box and act accordingly. Neither need to always think outside the of it. Just remove the thought of this society created box and let yourself breathe. What I mean to say is, do not define yourself just be yourself.

Be mysterious. Be hilarious. Be dull or utterly boring. Be what you feel like. You need not hold yourself back for the fear of society because society in itself is made up of individuals like you and I who are scared; Scared of being themselves, fearing that the society will reject them. So be cliché as you like or  uber spontaneous. Then again if you're both be both, if neither don't. Like I said, do not "pre-define" yourself just be yourself and let it define you along the way.

I still remember, once I said that I loved winter's sun. My friend told me everyone loved winter's sun. I need not claim it exclusively. But then again, why would it affect my judgement about me loving winter's sun. Let everyone love it or everyone hate it. Few love it or vice versa. It really doesn't matter to me you see. What really matters is that I love winter's sun. And I if I want to say it out loud......you've guessed it. I WILL.

Now, you take care and stay blessed! Xoxo

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