Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My first QnA!!!

So, this week I thought I'd do a Question and Answer blog. And I took on my Facebook account where you guys commened your questions. This is the result. I hope you guys enjoy it.

1. How do you stay Inspired every week without fail and also how you combat writer's block. (A syndrome I suffer from more often than not)?

♥To be completely honest, I have days where I just want to lay on my bed and do nothing. Laziness! Emotional breakdowns! Writer's block! Tiredness!  You name it. I guess I try to find inspiration in everything. But most importantly I try to find inspiration within myself. I have a bad habit of pretending to shut down my emotions when I cannot handle it and when I'm around people. So, when I'm all alone I let them flow. I feel every minimal emotions I have suppressed within me. (It gets real messy sometimes) And then I try to move on. I find it rejuvenating and in that moment I try to pin point why I wanted to go through it, why I wanted to do this or where I want my life to go. And when in that process of getting to know myself, I find inspiration.

On not so emotional days, I find inspiration in other people.

2. I love your writing honey ☺ You are great !! As you're new in the Blogging world .. Tell me what is one best and worst part of it ?? Let's see if our answer matches ☺

♥One of the best part of blogging is having a day to look forward to it. And when I stick to my commitments it feels GOOD! Wednesdays are not so boring anymore....waiting to post my blogs and seeing how people react to it. EXHILARATING!!!

One of the worst part would be ... i don't know.... I quite enjoy everything about blogging. It gives me reasons to write which I absolutely enjoy. But I guess falling short on my expectations can be here used as a part that I dislike.

3. What does my middle "Maijadh" mean?

♥Okay, so I recently changed my screen name on Facebook as Dhruba Maijadh Yonzon. "I actually don't have a middle name." Maijadh is my mother's name in our native language "Tamang". It means youngest love.

4. If you had a legit "god like" privilege, what would you change about yourself overnight?

♥hmmmm, Everything and Nothing! I, at some point in my life have hated myself, my body and everything about it. But I've also learned to love and adore it. I love myself. Me before you 😉 (P.s if you're into novels, you should read this. Me before you by jojo moyes)

Today I'm completely comfortable in my own skin and more than that I love my body and I love myself. Having said that, I've put on some tummy fat in the winter. Now, I have a rather bulging tummy. P.S It has also started to look and feel unhealthy. So, weeks of exercise or overnight miracle?  You've guessed it!!!

5. What classes do we have tomorrow?

♥ Dear Shreya Parajuli, since this post is for Wednesday. Tomorrow would be Thrusday. So, on thrusdays we have Legislative Principles, Procedural Law and Clinical Work. Just in case I have mailed you the whole weeks schedule.

6. What are the essential required for a writer to indulge there reader???

♥ To be completely honest. I'm trying to figure that out too. But I've received comment like "I love how your writing spoke to me. It felt like you were talking to me or sharing an incident like we were in person." So, I guess making your reader feel like there involved in the story in some way keeps them indulged. 

Thank you all for sending me your questions. Don't forget to hit the + button. Stay Blessed. Until next Wednesdays! Xoxo

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