Monday, April 6, 2015


Heavenly, blissful, charming, sins
Souls trapped, flesh bones
Guilty pleasure, ugly pain
My very own sins.

Started how it ends,
Choosing miseries in vain.
Something beautiful, your lips
Something sinful, on mine.

Colourful us. Colourless them.
Sins, like tainted picture.
Lust painted mortal love,
Blood, wounds, scars, sins.

Frightening skies, unknown hills,
Long gone past, haunting,
Chasing foxes every green.
Living with ghosts, sins.

Stolen glances, fearful sins.
Eyes open wildest dreams.
Blood rushing with adrenalines,
Thoughtless actions, thoughtful sins.

Brave hearts, fearful sins.
Endless directions, chained wings.
Darling! My sweet darling,
You cherished, I sinned.

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