Wednesday, March 4, 2015


We meet all sorts of people in our life. Some are plain flat and some other are too glossy. Then there are another kind of people we meet in our lifetime. The people who are iridescent. These are the people who change our life forever.

People, as I have come to know are like pieces of puzzle.  One cannot tell about who they are untill we link them with someone else. Alone, they are incomplete but once in the whole picture they show who they really are. Just like when we see someone alone walking the streets.  They quietly blend in the background. But seen with friends, they give life to the street with laughter and chitchat.

Here’s another thing about puzzle; we need to place right pieces together to form a bigger picture. Because we come in different shapes and sizes with an unclear vision, we need someone who when put together with us forms a clearer picture. Like the common friend between two entirely different people.  When all together,  they seem like they have been friends since their time in the womb.  But two left alone, it becomes akward with not much to say.

Like I said, people are like puzzle. Confusing

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