Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Major Identity Crisis?!?

So, where do I even begin?

From " Dhruba Yonzon -The Green Hearted Boy" to " Dhruba Yonzon - The Boy In The Red Muffler" I have had clogged many words as a part of my identity.

And it's not because I don't like my own name, I do. It's just that I want to be known more than just Dhruba Yonzon. I want to be known for something more then just my name. I believe everyone does. And that is how things work. We don't remember a person for the person themselves. We remember them with their peculiarities. Small things that defines them. Maybe something like their habits. The Girl Who Bites Ner Nails or The Boy Who walks funny. But we all have so much more potential than that. And the best part of it is we can be whoever we want to be.

And now as I look back I've realized I've been "Dhruba Yonzon - The boy with major identity crisis." And I do not want to be known as that. No, I do not like a bit of that.

"Buddha - The enlightened one." We all tend to remember him with this tag line. For more closure, we all have that one extremely funny friend in our friend circle. See, what I'm trying to portray is that we all reflect something out to the world,  something that is a part of us that are greater than our other parts. Something that we embrace inside of us.

And after bending the lights in every possible direction and walking not a mile but miles in shoes I thought would fit me, I have finally found something hanging on for. Maybe I will eventually get over it or maybe not. But for now I'm not taking this shoes off.

"Dhruba Yonzon - The Boy Who Writes". And as I sit at times to write something,  I think of what am I reflecting out to the world and I like it. HECK NO! I LOVE IT. My writings are not expectional. They will not change the world. They might not even change a life.

But then again, that's the whole point of it, you see. The important point is putting out what I want, what I love not what I think people expect of me. Because they say and I most definitely agree that one should be the leading actor of their own life. If we are the not the leading actors of our own life then who are we? What do we stand for?

So, look deep. Look hard. Who are you? What do you stand for? Are you happy with your answers? Are you happy with what you reflect.  Are you proud of your identity?

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