Friday, February 13, 2015

30 Unwritten Letters!

                                           And I write letters to you that you 'll never see!

Dear Stefan, I still think of you.

Dear Caleb, I was kid who was filled with jealously and so were you.

Dear Philip, You were my best friend. And now I don't even know you.

Stewart! The scars you've left are long erased. But remember I was not even 10 back then.

Dear Steve and Marcus, please forgive me! I meant to skip grades not our friendship.

Dear Stefan, I still think of you.

Dear Nate, I'm sorry. You were so sweet to me but i was fighting with my insecurities.

Dear Brian, who still keeps all my letters and gifts. Please burn them. For I have burned your memories too.

Dear Sam, I'm sorry that you feel I screwed up your brother.

Dear Sam's brother Stan, I'm not really sorry. I'm just sorry your borther found out.

Dear Sam.... I never had feelings for you. Don't pretend,  I know you didn’t feel it too.

Dear Stefan, I still think of you.

Dear Ruth,  even if I were straight I wouldn't date you.

Dear Rebecca, I'm sorry I left you standing alone in the middle of the street.

Dear Polly, I was alone and drunk. And I thought you were too.

Dear Kate, I'm sorry you're boyfriend left you. But he never did love you.

Dear Renae, I thought I loved you.

Dear Stefan, I still think of you.

Dear Stranger whose name I forgot I'm sorry I ditched you in the middle of the first date. But I was looking for love not for sex.

Dear BRIAN.  BURN THOSE DAMN LETTERS ALREADY. I was a hopeless romantic back in school.

Dear Jack. You were my biggest mistake.

Dear Rob. I was your biggest mistake.

Dear Ross, I'm sorry. But you were married and I was way too young for you.

Dear Spencer. I hope you don't end up like Ross.

Adam And Shane... Karma's a bitch. Remember.

Dear Stefan, I still think of you.

Dearest Brendan. You were the sweetest of all but I'm sorry you left her for me but i couldn't leave him for you.

Dear Raymond, learn to love yourself.

Dear Derek, you were just another doctor not my McDreamy. And I'm truely sorry.

Dear Matthew who has the most beautiful pair of eyes I've ever seen. I'm sorry I stalked you. If I were you, I'd try to forget me too.

Dear Phoenix, Keep telling "that" to yourself.

Dear Kevin,  I hope your soul rests in peace.

Dear Stefan...I Still love you!


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