Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coffee For Two...


"Coffee for two, one for me and one for you."  He said handing the cup taking the seat next to her.

Reverie. Absentminded dreaming while awake.
She was holding on to those Reveries like a child holding on to his/her new toys. Stubbornly.

A year ago, on the very day of December the 3rd she was smiling, blushing and rolling on her bed sheets. For she had been proposed by the guy she had liked for months now. And now after a year from the day, she was standing outside a coffee shop saving herself from the rain.

"Here take it, you'll get cold" he had offered his leather jacket. She still remembered the smell of his cologne. She still missed that. That rich ocean scented aroma still lingered inside her.
The rain was not to stop at all. It showered down without any silver lining across the cloud. She checked her phone again,  the battery had died. She brushed her arms across her shoulders and tucked her dampened hair behind her ear. She looked at the door with open sign just left to her. Memories started flooding again.

The same coffee shop they went on dates. The same coffee shop she had not visited since the break up. She had not had coffee ever since for the matter. Withdrawn into her own self she was but broken. She had only liked him. A crush,  now crushed. She never had imagined that he would make a move. But when he did however unbelievable it was, she was incandescently happy.  Nothing compared to the feelings she felt at the moment. They were perfect or so she thought. The long night talks, the lingering stares into each other's eyes, the daily dose of happiness.

She was happy like a princess straight out of a fairy tale. Her first relationship. Things couldn't get better but it did when he called started calling her "my girl" in front of their friends. She was on seventh heaven. More smiling. More blushing and more rolling on the bed talking to him on the phone. He was magical; a dream come true. Perfect boyfriend material who was now her boyfriend. He was a school sweetheart and she the girl next door.

Remembering those days staring at the empty seat inside the coffee shop she didn't know what to feel. Happy for the memories or sad that it ended. But she felt confused, like she had when suddenly one day he broke up with her. She needed to move on, she knew for it had been months. But she could not get over why he changed suddenly. They were perfect, perfectly in love she thought.

For she was of 18 with her whole life in front of her. She needed to move on or at least be okay with the fact. And she thought sometimes things are so bad that it cannot go worst than at the moment and sometimes she thought it didn't.  Sometimes, oh sometimes she thought things actually do get better.

She fixed her hair and then went inside the cafe. She went straight to the counter and asked for "Coffee for two". After months she had not one but two cups of coffee and wondered why she even left coffee at the first place. The rain had stopped. She was hopping for a silver lining and now the sun was shinning through the scattered clouds. It was still damp and wet, still a lit bit hazy but she knew it was going to get better. She knew it in her heart. Even if it was not, she wasn't going to wait for it to get better.she was going to make it better she thought.  She paid her bill and walked out of the cafe. Smiling!

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